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Gábor Rekettye (2019). Value Creation 4.0- Marketing Products in the 21st Century

Isabel Da Silva
Regent's University London
Keywords: Gábor REKETTYE, Value Creation 4.0, marketing ,


Gábor REKETTYE (2019). Value Creation 4.0- Marketing Products in the 21st Century. Transnational Press London, 251 pp, ISBN: 978-1- 912997- 21-3. Value Creation 4.0, Marketing Products in the 21st Century by Gabor Rekettye adopts a practical and visual text-book approach designed to explore key aspects of value creation through 14 chapters, divided into main sections; interpretation and definition of the value concept, the components of value, management and planning and development of value. In this book Gábor Rekettye includes relevant marketing concepts and highlights real life situations and challenges in the cyber age through relevant case studies, which makes it a suitable marketing guide for both HE educators and students. Each chapter is kept short and tables, images and diagrams are used effectively to complement his strong reasoning, pertinent marketing concepts and related discussions.

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