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Oxbridge Publishing House Ltd encourages open access publications to widen the reach for our authors. We offer substantially lower open access article processing charges compared to big publishers. Individual articles in our journals and books are charged a standard Open Access Article Processing Fee.

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About Open Access Books, Journals and Articles

Open access means published academic research can be accessed freely online. Anyone, anywhere can read and build upon such open access scholarship. At Oxbridge Publishing House Ltd we’ve been pushing the costs of accessing books down for a decade. We publish books and chapters across all subject areas. Our Open Access program allows all authors and their funders to publish open access (OA) single- or co-authored books, edited collections and individual chapters. Upon publication, open access titles and chapters are made available in digital format to read and download freely under a Creative Commons license.

Open access content is advantageous as it is known to be far more likely to be downloaded and cited by others. Our open access books and journals and articles are available through our journal platforms and other portals including Google Play Books, Kortext,, CEEOL.

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